Monday, December 19, 2016

If at First You Don't Succeed...

It's been quiet here on the Primarily Google Blog, but I promise that I've been using this downtime to work on something huge!  

In a couple weeks, some friends and I will be hosting the first-ever #K2CanToo Conference, promoting Innovative Learning in the Primary Classroom. 

This event brings together an EdTech All-Star team of presenters, many of whom specialize in Early Childhood technology integration. 

And the even bigger stars are the teachers and leaders who have signed up to attend to this amazing learning event! We have people from across California heading to Fresno for this weekend of learning. Teachers who are eager to improve their practice, try new things, and who know that there's always room to grow! 

At the conference, we'll be talking coding, robots, inquiry, and design thinking! We'll have sessions on STEM, NGSS, the Google Suite, and an all-conference game of BreakoutEDU! It's going to be a weekend-long primary learning party!

Here's the thing - teaching little learners does have some challenges, but there is nothing those kiddos can't do! We just have to put the tools into their hands! In the primary grades, we set foundations for a lifetime of education. Those foundations NEED to include access to meaningful learning opportunities using modern tools. 

Professional learning for the teachers of our youngest students has to specifically address the unique needs of little learners. I'm so excited by our quality conference program that has been assembled to do just that.


So, I'll be honest and share that this whole idea stemmed from a failure.

You see, twice last year I applied to the Google for Education Innovator Academy. And twice, I did not make the cut. This highly-competitive program asks applicants to create and submit their vision for making an impact toward improving education. 

What is my Vision? 
  • Infuse meaningful, relevant, modern learning opportunities into primary classrooms. 
  • Bring primary teachers together to celebrate what our littlest learners can create when we give them access to modern tools.
  • Share and build on existing networks, including the Teachers Give Teachers movement, (#TsGiveTs) to identify quality training opportunities and resources for primary teachers - it's not about starting from scratch - it's finding what's already being done and connecting, because we really are #bettertogether.

My vision hasn't been accepted to the Google Innovator program yet, but I've realized that I don't need a badge to Innovate! I decided it was time to start working on this vision now, because our littlest learners deserve it! 
Many thanks go out to Jason Borgen and the DigitalEdAlliance for partnering with me on this new idea. HUGE thanks go out to the presenters and friends traveling from near and far to add their expertise and passion to this event. Additional gratitude goes out to my #TOSAchat pals who worked hard within their districts to secure funding to send their teachers to Fresno - many from hours and hours away!

I can't wait for the day that I do get accepted into a Google for Education Innovator Academy. But until then, I will continue working on my Vision - planning, testing, and reiterating. This event will be great, and the next one will be even better!

It's not too late to join us! Visit for more information! 

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  1. Love your positive attitude!! Thank you for sharing your story.