Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Presidents' Day Resources for Little Learners!

Let's celebrate the amazing leaders from our nation's past in this collection of Googley Fun Presidents' Day resources and activities for young learners.

Epic Books offers FREE! FREE! FREE! digital text for teachers and students in the classroom. They have thousands of high quality books for students to access on most any device with internet access. It's so user friendly and appropriate for even very young children.

My favorite part about using Epic with young learners is that they have a number of Read-to-Me texts that read books aloud while tracking the words on the page. There are also many audio-only books too! 

If you haven't tried Epic yet, hurry over there and sign up for your free teacher account. A bonus: If you already have a Google Classroom set up, you can import your class and create all of your student Epic profiles in just a couple of clicks! 

This President's Day Hyperdoc created in Google Slides has young learners explore, create, and SHARE! Remember to make your own copy by pressing "Use Template" in the upper right hand corner. This will make a copy of this file in your Google Drive! Modify and REMIX your new copy to best meet the needs of your students. Delete pages, add pages, substitute tools and activities... make it your own! Then share your copy to your students using Google Classroom or whatever tool you use to distribute content to your students.

Learn more about Hyperdocs and the Teachers Give Teachers Community!

Presidents' Day Google Drawing Time Magazine Cover

Find key details from the informational text about a president and use the facts as snippets on the front of this Time Magazine Cover created in Google Drawings, inspired by the work of Ryan O'Donnell (@CreativeEdTech). Check out more of Ryan's templates! Make a copy of the template and share to students in Google Classroom so that each student gets a copy. 

Presidents' Day Google Form Digital Listening Activities

These Google Form Digital Listening Centers can be shared with students in Google Classroom or any other way you share a link to your students. I also have printable QR codes for each of these Forms below. These forms DO NOT require students to be signed in to their own Google Account, but they will need access to YouTube. I like sharing YouTube videos through Google Forms because the young students can view the YouTube content without going to an actual YouTube page. 

The standard links below will take your students to my copy of the Form, which will allow them to watch the YouTube videos embedded in the Form, while also giving them a chance to cast a vote as to whether or not they liked the book. A summary of overall votes will be accessible after the Form has been submitted. You may also use the additional links labeled below to make your own copy of these Google Forms! By doing this, you'll have access to your own students' votes, as well as have an opportunity to customize the Form by adding questions of your own! One example might be that you may want to add a question to collect your students' names or have them choose their name from a list so you know who completed the activity!

Duck for President

Arthur Meets the President

Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell

I Am Abraham Lincoln

Share this link with your students or make your own copy here.

If I Were President

George Washington, Our First President

Have QR scanners on your devices? Get these Printable QR codes for Presidents' Day Digital Listening Centers.

Learn how to make these and other great Google activities for young learners in the Primarily Google Online Course with EdTechTeam Online!

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