Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Name Typing Practice

The first few weeks of kindergarten and first grade have some challenges! 

Is this your life?

In a previous post, I shared ways to keep it simple when first getting started with Google Docs and Google Classroom in the primary grades. 

Check out this Name Typing Practice Page you can share to Google Classroom as a way for young students to start becoming familiar with the Google Classroom environment! 

Starting on the very first day of school, Pre-K and Kindergarten students build early keyboard familiarity through practicing a word they will need to write again and again throughout their educational career and beyond... THEIR NAME! They can use this simple name-typing template to begin learning to recognize upper and lower case letters and finding them on a keyboard. Typing a simple, familiar word is a great starting point.

In this activity, they will also be able to practice how to click on the page to place a cursor, which will allow them to intentionally type text in a specific location on the document. It’s important not to be afraid to use computer vocabulary such as CURSOR with even very young students!

Adding the extra element of the capital letter brings in the SHIFT key, which will help students transfer the essential skill of letter case into their digital work. This will ensure proper use of language rules such as starting sentences correctly as well as help them correctly write other proper nouns. 

Get your own copy of the name typing template! 

Preview the template here.
Click "use template" in the upper right hand corner.

Assign in Google Classroom so that each student gets their own copy.


Rainbow Typing Template 
Letter L Practice - Credit to S. Haller

More like this - make a copy of each for yourself!

Learn how to make these and other great Google activities for young learners in the Primarily Google Online Course with EdTechTeam Online!

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