Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Images as Answer Choices? Forms just got even more awesome for K-2!

Have you seen the update to Google Forms that allows images be answer options? A few weeks back, I posted a blog about K-2 Google Forms. But this update makes using Forms with young students even easier!

For years, when I have shared Google Forms to Primary teachers, one of their first questions has been, "Can we use an image as the answer choice?"

Many Kinder students don't start the year as readers! Before this week, we could only use TEXT as our answer options. This made using forms with our littlest learners a bit of a challenge. 

Look at this sample:

One way I had made Forms more accessible for our youngest students was by creating a labeled image in Google Drawings and then putting it at the top of the form. This still required students to match the label to a TEXT answer option. While this often made Forms a little easier for Kindergarteners, it did take extra steps and TIME when creating the Form.

This update makes creating K-2 friendly forms SO EASY!

Hover over your answer option, and an image icon will appear on the right.

You can then upload an image from your computer, take a snapshot, or search images right there in the form.

I can't wait to see what K-2 teachers do with this! Make sure you post and share! 

Want to try it out yourself? Click here! 

And here are a few additional resources on Using Google Forms:

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