Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kindergarten Hyperdoc - My Five Senses

Check out this awesome Hyperdoc for Pre-K, TK, or Kindergarten!

During one of their early September ELA Units of Study, our Kindergartners will be studying the Five Senses. To blend some modern tools into their learning, one of the Kinder teachers created this awesome Google Slides Hyperdoc where students can extend their learning! 

On the cover page, little learners add their name. Even if the teacher is using Google Classroom (which automatically puts the student name on the file,) it's good for the students to have opportunities to practice typing their name. It's a skill they will use for their entire life, and it has to start somewhere!

On this ENGAGE page, students watch a YouTube video that has been embedded into the slide. Embedding YouTube videos into a slide helps keep our little learners away from the distractions such as the suggested videos and comments that often come along with YouTube content. The "watching eyes" clip art helps non-readers know they are going to watch something on this slide.
The next slide asks students to EXPLORE additional content about the Five Senses. The first is a read-aloud of the books My Five Senses by Aliki. It's a great simple text that describes the Five Senses in a way that your ones can easily comprehend. The bottom link sends students to articles about their five senses on a great K-2 friendly subscription search database we use called Pebble Go.

On the APPLY page, students select images that best represent the Five Senses into the five empty boxes. The skill of drag-and-drop is important! Little ones CAN do this, but they do need chances to practice, especially if they are just learning to use a touch pad on a laptop or Chromebook.
When we have the little ones do drag and drop activities, they sometimes accidentally drag the wrong content around and also accidentally delete the target boxes! To help keep this minimal, we first design the layout of the page and then take a screenshot of it. We then use that screenshot as the background of the slide. The only loose or moving parts on the slide now are the images across the bottom. 

The final slide asks the students to REFLECT on their learning. Their teacher has them use paper and crayons to draw a picture about something they feel is important to know about their five senses. Students who are ready may also include some words or even a sentence to describe their picture. The kiddos can then take a snapshot of their physical drawing and include it on the final page of the Hyperdoc.

An animated gif is included on the slide to remind the students of the steps for inserting a snapshot from their Chromebook.

These young kiddos need early and frequent exposure to the available classroom technology. Many teachers think they need to wait "until the kids are ready" to let them use the computers. But the truth is, the students show up on the very first day already READY! We need to teach and model the basics and then put the tools in their hands. 

This Hyperdoc will be one of the Kindergarteners' first assignments. The teacher will model and demonstrate each of the skills, including how to start a video and how to resize an image. The little ones may not start the year knowing how to do these things, but they catch on fast!

Find a View-Only copy of this Hyperdoc here. Please feel free to copy, use, share, and modify this! When you have it open, you can select File, and then Make a Copy, and you will have your own EDITABLE version of this great resource. Find it on Teachers Give Teachers soon!(@TsgiveTs) Enjoy! 

Credit for this goes to my good friend and longtime colleague, Jennifer Kubar. Also, Kelly Hilton designed the HyperSlides layout. Learn more about Hyperdocs at Hyperdocs.co.

Remember, our littlest learners are capable of amazing things if we put the tools in their hands. #K2CanToo!


  1. Thank you for sharing, this is fabulous!

  2. I can't wait to try this! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This has inspired me to make more! thanks!

  4. This is amazing! Thank YOU for being a voice for the littles!! I used to teach Kindergarten, and they CAN do this stuff!

  5. This is amazing! I am trying to get my kindergarteners to use the ipads for more learning and less playing. When I try to have my students do this activity,they are unable to click on the videos or move any objects. Is this due to my error or are the ipads unable to do this?